Dreaming of working with music? Choose the music course at Voss!

You will be challenged, play concerts, be on stage stage, and go on tour.

In the music course you learn to play in an ensemble. We know that playing in an ensemble promote musical learning. Performing in an ensemble develops your instrumental skills, extend your musical repertoire, and strengthens your understanding of different genres.

You improve your faculty of hearing, draw lines between theory and practice, develop your practice routines, and you work with others as a team.

You will study composition and adaptation, use the studio, and learn how to organize concerts. There will be seminars on songwriting, adaptation, and studio and recording techniques.

We also make time for concerts at the school as well as outside, in addition to a concert tour during springtime. We collaborate with Voss Sound and the Ole Bull Academy.

What you will engage in:

  • using the studio
  • presentation
  • individual classes in your instrument
  • songwriting
  • different genres
  • music theory and history