– challenges, accomplishments, self-development – and insight!

Ready for an adrenaline kick in the river, the air or downhill on powder snow? Choose Extremesport at Voss!

Gain better knowledge of your own body and mind through challenging activities and reflection. Test your own limits and study both theory and practice – everything from avalanche awareness to river paddling.

Individual activities – teamwork in groups

Develop your skills in powder snow or “spot” each other bouldering. Discover Voss’ spectacular nature on your own or participate in safeguarding the others from land or water during the river paddle.

Autumn to us means play and learning in Voss’ impressive rivers and adapting basic skills concerning outdoor life and bouldering/sport climbing. We also offer a parachute course. Winter and springtime is all about peak ski tours and freeriding, avalanche awareness and wintertime’s outdoor life, including camping in the mountains.

We believe in experiential learning or “learning by doing and reflecting”.

The freesport course is suitable for those who love nature, outdoor life, and freesport – and for those who engage in deeper thinking concerning the connections between nature and human beings, society and sustainability.

You will gain more knowledge of

  • bouldering/sport climbing
  • river paddling
  • avalanche awareness and safety
  • peak ski tours and freeriding
  • Parachute


We also have a Exstremesport class that focus om parachute, speedrining and paragliding, but you need to be fluent in norwegian to attend that course.