Film and Photography

Creativity, practice and teamwork!

Future within film / photography? Photographer. Screenplay Author. Sound. YouTube. Photoshop. Premiere. Focus on the development of ideas. Creative processes. Camera. Storytelling. Shooting and post-production.
Class room with cinema! Photo exhibitions and photo assignments for local actors. You'll learn what it takes to make good movies and take good images.
We contributes to film festivals and contest. We are a part of an pulsating and professional expertise. Travel on study trips to get inspired and meet people in the industry!
Study trip to beautiful California! Experience LA, Hollywood, Highway 1 and San Fransisco. The American film capital full and San Francisco's exciting art and photography scene.

With the support of good teachers, you can realize  your creative ideas and projects. By exploration and experimentation you can develour as filmmaker and photographer.
We have main focus on a practical approach - with us you will learn through practical work - we go straight into production.


Voss village boasts a rich cultural life and plenty of opportunities!